No New Plans

I have no Plan.

I turned to my husband last night and said, “I don’t know what life  is going to look like for a while.” He cocked his head sideways, like he didn’t understand. Of course he didn’t; “No Plan” is not in my vocabulary.

I might not always follow my Plan, but I always (always, always) have one.

Not this year.

Not this minute, anyway. I tried to make one, but something deep inside me said this is not a time for a Plan. [Hmm?]

Matt taught  this morning on giving up control at church. Hmm…was that message for me? Could there be a bit of control in my Plan?

I can tell you I don’t have any real concrete lessons to share with you right now; but I know God is at work.

[And rest assured, dear Plan-lover friends of mine, I’m not floundering. I’m not aimless or lacking direction. I’m just learning to let go a little.]

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