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On the Open Water

Recently we headed out for an afternoon on the Skipjack Martha Lewis.

Our favorite part was helping to hoist the sails.

What satisfaction in hard work accomplished.

Miss Brea was riveted the entire ride. Makes me want to get our boat back in the water. The wonder and excitement in her is worth the money for the repairs.


Summer Fun

Forget that temps are topping 100 this week. We’re having some good old-fashioned fun at home.

If you’re local and need a watering hole to jump in, give me a ring.

Of course you’ll have to be ready to act really goofy along with the rest of us.

And we just might ask you to help us practice basketball. But it’s worth it. The water is very refreshing.

We Found It…Amusing!

Our family recently moved into full-fledged amusement park status.

Sure, we loved Dutch Wonderland and Sesame Place when our oldest were very young. But come on, how much is there for them there now? So the younger ones got a crash-course in big-time amusement park rides. And they’ll never go back!

Recently we spent a day (an entire, get our money’s worth, hot, sweaty day) at Hershey Park. WOW! (I know, of all the words I could have chosen, “Wow?”)

Holy moly! Craziness! Can you believe we went on these insane contraptions?

We did manage to squeeze in a semi-slow ride on the ferris wheel. But to tell you the truth, it was pretty anti-climactic after the Mouse.

We’re already looking forward to next year.

Strawberry Picking

Last year we missed it. This year we weren’t chancing it, even if it meant letting new little friends pick out of our buckets.

They called for rain, but we got a wonderfully cool overcast day.

The perfect day for sneaking in a few red ones.

Don’t be jealous, blueberries. We’re coming for you next week.

Two-Pony Tail Brain-Warmer

If you’ve read Gooney Bird Greene, you know what we’re talking about.

If you haven’t read it, and you have elementary-aged children, you must.

Bring in the Light

I wish I could remember where I saw this idea. If you know, chime in please. I don’t want to take credit where credit is not due.

Glass Stone Mosaics for Children

We bought glass beads (with one flat side) and frames from the nearby Dollar Tree.

We poured a generous amount of white school glue on top of the glass of the frame.

We placed our stones on top of the glue,

and let them dry for a few days.

Eventually we’ll add little eye hooks and chain to hang them, but for now we hold them up in front of the window

or set them on the sash.

I chose these beads to match our decor because I’d like to keep them up all the time. For Valentine’s Day I think we’ll make some with vibrant reds and pearly whites. Easy, cheap and beautiful–that’s my kind of craft.

I’m Around…

I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in Legos.

Last August I told  my five year old (above) that because it was his first year of school, he had the privelege of choosing his extracurricular first. I spent ten whole minutes running through all his various options: swimming, soccer, football, karate, etc. When I was finished, he looked blankly at me and said simply, “Kindergarten?!”

After explaining to him that I would home school him and not send him away, I ran down the list of options again: fencing, lacrosse, dance, etc. He responded  matter-of-factly, “Lego Club.”

Lego Club? I hadn’t the faintest idea what Lego Club was. I hadn’t even mentioned it as an option. Still, it was his choice. I set out to find a Lego Club. I ended up coordinating one through our home school co-op. We formed and registered three official Jr First Lego League teams with US First.

From September through January at our monthly meetings we asked the boys to bring a creation from home to share (in order to practice public speaking skills), and we’d pursue the official Lego theme, Smart Move. In January we prepared a special project and presentation for a statewide competition. That’s where we were this past Saturday. Our team won the Go the Distance trophy!

That’s probably more than you wanted to know about what I’ve been up to lately. I’m glad the season’s over and I have a little more time to catch up around the house (and blogging). I’m pretty sure we’ll pick back up in September–it was a great experience for my boys!