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Roller Disco Boogie

Years ago when I belonged to a tape club (remember those ancient pop culture things?), I got the album Roller Disco Boogie. We’d pop it into the player and jam out, old school style. (Yes, we looked ridiculous, but we were old enough not to care.)

My kids developed a fondness for the oldies, like “Working at the car wash…work and work…” So they were thrilled out of their heads when I told them we were going ROLLER SKATING! (For the first time ever.)

The old skating rink is just as dark as it was when I was my oldest daughter’s age. I think the booths might be the same ones my derrier graced on Saturday afternoons during Open Skate. And that lovely stinky-feet, sweaty palm smell only grew finer with time.

Now we can’t wait til next month’s date there. I might even put on a pair and lace them up tight, just for old time’s sake. I think this little daredevil just might triple dog dare me.

New Adventures

Adventurous I am not. I admit it. I even think Dodge Ball is dangerous. But I’m married to an insane man who jumped out of planes for a living a former paratrooper and my firstborn just might grow up to be Wonder Woman. So when I saw the Living Social deal for Sandy Spring Adventure Park (love these deals!), I snatched up two tickets and sent them on their harrowing merry way.

Boy did they get into some fun!

Almost  makes me wish I’d gotten a ticket for myself. Almost.

Sabbath Sweetness

It was 70 degrees on Sunday! After a yummy post-church lunch at Italian Sensations, we ventured over to Bel Air Family Golf. What a great place.

We strolled our way through the miniature golf course,

and hit a bucket of balls on the range afterward.





What a fantastic day! I loved hearing the kids hit the sweet spot. And they were so proud of themselves. Now they want golf lessons. Anyone know of any good ones in Harford County?

Tappy Shoes Dance Class

The girls were itching to take dance lessons, but we just didn’t have the extra money to send them in this season of our financial life. They took the news hard. They were very disappointed. It killed me to have to say no to their passions.

But, very much by mistake, we stumbled upon a local rec program with great instructors for a fraction of the price.

We didn’t even have to spend money on dance duds. Brooke can wear sweats and her hip-hop tenners from last year,


and a friend from high school even gave me a pair of shoes for Breanna–for free!


Now my little princesses are thrilled to be dancing.



And I’m happy to be able to nurture their passions and talents.

God is faithful to not only meet our needs, but to grant even our hearts’ desires…like new friends!


Upward Basketball

Brooke and Brad are participating in Upward Basketball this summer. It’s a recreational, God-focused league that focuses on teaching skills and team-building. The kids just love it!

After they’ve warmed up,

warming up

they start every game in prayer.


Each player is coached to guard “his man.” Brad’s the one with his hands up.

brad blocking

upward brooke shooting

After each game, they huddle with their coach and receive iron-on stars for Best Player, Best Sportsmanship, Best Christ-likesmanship, etc.

taking a water break with coach

It’s been a great introduction to basketball, and the kids love playing with old and new friends.

Chuck has enjoyed leading devotions with the kids.

upward chuck devotional

Brad’s Team

upward brad team

Brooke’s Team

upward brooke team

A Funky Hip Hop Year

This year Brooke took hip-hop dance at a local studio.  Here she is receiving her award at the end of the season.

dance award

Her costume is over-the-top and looks great against black with a little black light.


She learned all sorts of pops, jams, and even the coffee grinder.

brooke and grace

She and her friend Grace were the youngest in the class and wore matching costumes.

They loved having an excuse to wear make-up.


The theme of the show is Rhythm in My Sole. Brooke acted in an extra shoe shopping scene, which is right up her alley.

shoe  shop

Here’s my best shot at non-flash photography of the performance.

whole class

And the finale.


After five hours of rehearsal, we finally headed home after 10pm.

clock tower

Whew! What a night.

What a year, for that matter!

Gym Class

The kids took Friday afternoon gym class at a nearby Christian camp. It was a great time for me to catch up with my girlfriends and Brea to play on the playground.

brad running

For the first few weeks, Brian wouldn’t go. For a few weeks he’d only go if I sat on the hill next to his class.

Brian running

By the end of the year, he was not only going alone, but happily! He also earned top grades each week the last few months of class–an amazing accomplishment. Way to go, Brian!

brian with teacher

Thanks, Kaitlyn, for being such a wonderful teacher!

Day at the Gym

My sister runs a SOKOL gymnastics program in Baltimore.


Saturday we went to Family Open Gym Day.


Everyone, including parents,



can use the equipment


to get a great workout


or just have plain old fashioned fun.


I must warn you that if you decide to join in on the fun


and craziness,


you might need an afternoon nap.