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Our December

We’ve been baking cookies


playing with our many nativities

working through our Advent materials

and spending time with good friends.

Lord, as we celebrate your birth on earth, let us turn our every smile and sweet moment to you in glorious praise.

Merry Christmas from Sonflower Sisters!

A hearty holiday greeting from my Sonflower Sisters group.

Christmas Train

Chuck’s grandfather passed along his Lionel trains to Chuck’s dad, who passed them along to Chuck. He hasn’t done much with them since his father’s death, nearly 5 years ago. But this Christmas he’s beginning to pass on his love for trains to his own children.

Brad was so excited, he asked Chuck to wake him up every morning before he leaves for work so they can run them together.

Chuck’s been collecting train sets since we’ve been married. He has a set for each child. I pray one day they sit around their tree with their own children, showing them how their daddy taught them to run the trains.


I decorated this window over a year ago. It’s been sitting behind my couch since then. Hubby finally hung it for me just in time for this Christmas–a little early gift.

Check out my little KONOS Tree for All Seasons done up in aqua Christmas decor. I love living on the water! I have so much freedom to do things that just wouldn’t fly inland.

(Home School) Moms Only Christmas Party

I always feel refreshed after I hang with my home school moms. We understand each other very, very (did I say very?) well. A few nights ago a dozen or so of my favorite home school moms joined me for a Christmas party. We chatted, and ate, and chatted, and ate. And toward the end of the evening, we shared some music and prayed for one another. What a tremendous blessing, full of encouragement. Thank you, God for this wonderful group of women!

Advent Activities

When we find something we like, we want to repeat it year after year. The only problem with that is we get too full and I either end up feeling guilty about not following through, or cranky trying to fit everything in. This year I narrowed our Advent celebrations:

Lighting our Advent candles (in my childhood wreath) as we read Jotham’s Journey, and sending the kids to bed holding lit candles. The story is intense, and is pretty scary at points. We’re using mini-jar candles because they’re too young to handle lit tapers.)

Reading about a Christmas hymn each day using O Come Let Us Adore Him.

Stickering scenes in our copy of The Very First Christmas.

Circling and underlining key words in our copy of Eleanor Zweigle’s Advent inductive study for families.

Listening to Brooke read devotions from Virginia Colclasure’s Christmas is Coming advent activity book and creating all sorts of crafts as she suggests.

Hoping to get around to reading and coloring in our copy of The Glorious Coming, A Jesse Tree Celebration of Advent by Anne Voskamp.

If you’re wondering how we fit it all in, Christmas is our primary focus for the month of December. These devotions replace our typical Bible curriculum, and in true unit study style, we cover math, science, history, reading, etc. through our Christmas preparation. I would not recommend trying to accomplish all these things on top of a regular, rigorous school schedule. If you don’t feel free to school in this way, you could always choose one of the above studies.

Happy Advent!

Brian’s Birthday

My little guy hit the jackpot on his birthday.

We stumbled upon cake and punch when we stopped into the library.

We nearly had a private showing of Astro Boy at the local movie theater.

We even let him put his feet up to get comfy. (BIG treat.)

When we arrived at Friendly’s, our favorite entertainer (Applejohn) was there making snowman balloons, and Friendly’s had just rolled out their winter Snowman Sundae.

To top it all off, the new movie he’d been waiting for, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, was on television. We couldn’t have planned the day more perfectly if we’d tried.

Happy 6th Birthday, Brian!!

Sabbath Sweetness: Puppy Dogs

Brian had a bunch of puppies over to celebrate his sixth birthday.

They played all the games puppies like to play:

Tug of War

Scooby Says

And greeting other puppies.

They also built prototypes for doggie  parks, doggy hospitals, and doggy obstacle courses.

For kibbles and bits, they scarfed up puppy-paw cupcakes and ice cream…

out of real doggie bowls.

We didn’t have time to post the fire hydrant on the bathroom door or pretend to pee on trees. Well, maybe we had time, but Mama censored things a bit. But these little puppies are all worn out and ready for their warm, soft puppy beds.