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My girls loved dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner.

So did my boys.

We spent the afternoon playing

and eating

with my side of the family.

We added in a little snuggling,

and enjoyed it so much

we decided to make a family affair of it.

What a perfect Thanksgiving day!

Kilgore Falls

We spent this Labor Day

laboring (what a willing pack mule)


ahem…hiking to our favorite




For the first time, we ventured under the water


and to the top of the falls.


Well, some of us did.


The boys brought along their sketchbooks.


Brooke brought her smile.


I brought my love.


I love our family times together.


Seems I’m in good company.

Sonflower Sisters: BFFs

We’re loving the book we’re using this year, Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girls: The Gift of True Friendship.

2 dg

May’s theme was BFF’s (best friends forever”s).  I’m happy with what good friends the Sonflower Sisters have become over the past four years.

2 bffs

They crafted–their favorite part of the gatherings–cards to other friends, letting them know how special they are to them.

2 crafting

We finished up with a group brithday party. What fun!

2 bday party

What a blessing we have in our Sonflower Sisters BFF’s.

How Could I Miss Father’s Day?!

I was searching through old photos when I realized I never posted about Father’s Day.

Dad started his special day with the high-fat, high cholesterol, once-a-year breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed

Then we whisked him away to see  Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian Imax version. Awesome!


We moseyed around The Avenue in the gorgeous weather,


popping in the dog store

doggie store

to get a treat a treat for the fifth child we left at home.

loving his dog

When he’d thoroughly enjoyed his cup of Joe from Starbucks, we surprised him with a trip to Ridemakerz, where he made his own remote control car


so he can race the kids.

kids and carz

After a yummy grilled dinner, we all swam out back.

chuck throwing brooke

brea brad in spa

What a grand time for a great father. Happy Father’s Day, Chuck! Our childre are the most blessed in the world.


You can see it on their faces.

Independence Day…Finally!

I’m a little behind and a little out of order, but it’s only because we’re having so much fun I don’t have as much time to blog.

We spent this 4th of July celebrating a cousin’s birthday. She’s the same age as Brooke and they get along beautifully.

shannen and brooke goofy

The kids loved hanging out with family,

brea and grammy

enjoying the warm water

brian swimming

showing off new tricks, 

shay and brooke

and having good, clean fun.

breanna steps

After we dried off and polished off lots of food,

rainbow cake

including this rainbow cake we contributed to the spread,

rainbow cake sliced

we took in a half dozen fireworks, including the show at the Inner Harbor.

four kids watching fireworks

We couldn’t have come up with a better way to spend Independence Day.

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

My oldest turned NINE Sunday. Wow!! She requested to start the day with breakfast in bed. Each child chooses a box of sugar-cereal to share on his or her birthday. She chose Fruity Pebbles. Yummo!

breakfast in bed

Instead of having dinner out, which is our birthday custom, she asked if we could visit the Maryland Science Center. WooHoo! (I was secretly hoping she’d choose the Cheesecake Factory for dinner while we were down there.)

We started out in the dinosaur exhibit, which contained a huge mold of Brooke’s favorite dinosuar, the Triceratops.


After digging for fossils


and putting together bones to form a dinosaur,

assembling dino

we were off to the lobby for some fun with the laser harp

laser harp

and the pulley seats. It took us a little while to figure out the seats using more pulleys were easier to lift.

pulley chair

We visited our favorite section on the 3rd floor and played with all the kids’ toys.

water table

brooke impression

We finally made it to the 2nd floor for the first time ever. I was so glad we took the time to stop there. We saw a great show in the planetarium and got to explore space.

space family

space play

At this second floor exhibit, I was delighted to line up my stair-step children for a gratuitous shot. They are now officially 3, 5, 7, and 9 for a few months. What fun!

line up

They asked me to close my eyes and led me to the “best dinner ever,” a giant blue crab. You can tell we’re from Bawlmer, Hon.

blue crab

We spent some time taking in the sights of the Harbor, and walking around to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. What fun we had together on Brooke’s special day.

overlooking harbor

Thanks, Brooke, for celebrating with us in such a fun way. You are a fantastic daughter.

Mother’s Day Take One

I know I said I postponed Mother’s Day. But looking back at my photos from that day, I realize I had a wonderful day.

We stopped for ice cream at Broom’s  Bloom Dairy after church, then wandered around the countryside looking at the homes for sale. I have a farmette on my heart.

brooms bloom

After my dad left in the late afternoon, Chuck and I sat outside under this amazing sky


to partake in this wonderful dinner while overlooking the river.


After a very skinny sliver of this four layer decadence,


we came inside to cuddle up to a romantic movie.


Wow, it really was a fantastic Mother’s Day. And tomorrow I get spoiled by my children. I can’t wait!

I Postponed Mother’s Day


I had so much going on in my head and home this weekend I just knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. So I called my Mom last week and asked if we could celebrate it a week late–on a day when I “should” be de-stressed and able to enjoy her and  myself.

Now I’m looking forward to, not dreading, Mother’s Day.

Have you ever delayed a holiday so you could enjoy it?