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Christmas Train

Chuck’s grandfather passed along his Lionel trains to Chuck’s dad, who passed them along to Chuck. He hasn’t done much with them since his father’s death, nearly 5 years ago. But this Christmas he’s beginning to pass on his love for trains to his own children.

Brad was so excited, he asked Chuck to wake him up every morning before he leaves for work so they can run them together.

Chuck’s been collecting train sets since we’ve been married. He has a set for each child. I pray one day they sit around their tree with their own children, showing them how their daddy taught them to run the trains.

Sons of Thunder (and Sonflower Sisters)

A few weeks ago, we had the Sons of Thunder father-son discipleship group and their families over for some good, clean fun.

It was full of targets and shooting,


serious propulsion,

kiley throw

and cyclonic fun!

all whirlpool

Funny enough, the families all had Sonflower Sisters in them, too. Here are two original sisters, and dear friends, Phyliss and Juniper.

phyliss and juniiper

What a FUN day!

How Could I Miss Father’s Day?!

I was searching through old photos when I realized I never posted about Father’s Day.

Dad started his special day with the high-fat, high cholesterol, once-a-year breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed

Then we whisked him away to see  Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian Imax version. Awesome!


We moseyed around The Avenue in the gorgeous weather,


popping in the dog store

doggie store

to get a treat a treat for the fifth child we left at home.

loving his dog

When he’d thoroughly enjoyed his cup of Joe from Starbucks, we surprised him with a trip to Ridemakerz, where he made his own remote control car


so he can race the kids.

kids and carz

After a yummy grilled dinner, we all swam out back.

chuck throwing brooke

brea brad in spa

What a grand time for a great father. Happy Father’s Day, Chuck! Our childre are the most blessed in the world.


You can see it on their faces.

Boys Day Out

After their visit to the National Crime Museum, the boys drove over to the Smithsonian’s new National Air and Space Museum:  Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

out front

It looks like a fantastic place!

overhead shot

This tower is not working,


but relays all the information from the real tower nearby. You can go up in it to watch over the runway.

standing in tower

This is the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima during WWII. I don’t even have words.

enola gay

After a long day, the boys made sure to get a photo with Dad.

chuck and brad

chuck and brian

After dinner and an Imax, the boys headed home to show us girls all their photos and tell us all about their exciting day.

Stay on the Good Side

Recently Hubby took the boys to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C.

crime museum

They learned about how criminals have been punished throughout the ages.

brad crime museum

This is a scary picture.

line up

They much preferred training to be the good guys.


shooting practice

I feel safer knowing these two are on the right side.

state of the world

Winter Afternoons with Bradley

There’s plenty of ideas in this little boy’s mind to keep him busy for a month of winter afternoons.

Constructing his own castle.


Wrestling his brother.


Snuggling his sister.


Setting up camp on an unseasonably warm day.


Battling with nerf guns.


Getting a new ‘do.


Cleaning out his ears.


Watching a little tv.


Getting in a workout.


Scrubbing up.


Dressing for dinner.


Getting in a little light reading.


Making time for his favorite tunes.


Hanging out with friends.


Hanging out with Dad.


Getting his game-on.


Phew! And these are just January’s activities. What are we in for in February?!