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A Little Treat

My sister, fashion diva, told me about Kiss artificial nails. She said they look as good as the ones done at the salon, but you can take them off whenever you want. And they’re under $10. I picked up a pack for myself at Wal Mart. (I’ve also seen them at Rite Aid.)

While I was there I also picked up a cute little pack of artificials for Brooke.

We stayed up late one Friday night to purty ourselves up.

The next morning we had tea at our favorite cozy spot.

We topped off our girly time with a window shopping trip in the dress department. Maybe we should call it a dressing room shopping trip. Trying things on is so much more fun than merely looking.

I love our time together. Brooke is so fun!

Sonflower Sisters’ Day of Beauty

I spent an awesome day with Brookie and our new Sonflower Sisters. After searching Scripture for God’s view on beauty, the girl learned how to take care of their skin.

The theme of the day was pink, Brookie’s favorite color.

She put on a pretty purple mask. She’s all about coordinating.

I pray that every time she looks into the mirror, she sees herself how God sees her.

That’s my prayer for all these girls.

Lord, let these girls treasure Your view of them, not the world’s.

Girl Schooling

When the boys are away…

the girls will play…

all sorts of girl games.

Little do they know they’re learning at the same time.

Do you see Ma sewing sewing by the fire? Do you see Laura and Mary and Carrie all tucked into their beds, listening quietly to Pa playing the fiddle? And can you find their good old bulldog Jack?

If you have young (or even not so young) girls, you’ll definitely want to check out the Little House Picture Books. I bought the complete set before my oldest daughter could even read, and I will save them to read to my grandchildren.

Oh, and by the way, the notions they used today were from their great great aunt Bun, my grandfather’s sister. So we even added in a little personal history!

A Little Artistry

I’ve learned to french braid!

I’m so excited–I’ve been trying for years…

and this year something clicked.

My daughters are thrilled!

So am I!!

Merry Christmas from Sonflower Sisters!

A hearty holiday greeting from my Sonflower Sisters group.

Breanna’s First Mommy Date

I like to take the children on “dates” to local theater productions. Breanna is finally old enough to get in on the fun. This night we went to see Harold and the Purple Crayon. She loved it! I loved sharing it with her.


Sons of Thunder (and Sonflower Sisters)

A few weeks ago, we had the Sons of Thunder father-son discipleship group and their families over for some good, clean fun.

It was full of targets and shooting,


serious propulsion,

kiley throw

and cyclonic fun!

all whirlpool

Funny enough, the families all had Sonflower Sisters in them, too. Here are two original sisters, and dear friends, Phyliss and Juniper.

phyliss and juniiper

What a FUN day!

Doll Bed Makeover

Brooke bought a set of bunkbeds for her Liberty doll. I didn’t take a “before” shot, but they were uncushioned, covered in a red calico print.


Brooke added a 2″ thick foam cushion and used a pillowcase to re-cover them.


Aren’t they just adorable? You can see how we just wrapped them like Christmas gifts on the ends. We could have taken a little more effort to match up the stripes on the ends, but I wanted Brooke to be able to do this by herself without getting frustrated. 

She wanted to add pillows, but we didn’t have any pillow forms. So we made them ourselves out of felt and leftover toulle. She liked the crisp white look so much, she didn’t even want to make a pillowcase for them.


I’m so proud of how she’s learning to create beautiful things herself.