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Sonflower Sisters: BFFs

We’re loving the book we’re using this year, Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girls: The Gift of True Friendship.

2 dg

May’s theme was BFF’s (best friends forever”s).  I’m happy with what good friends the Sonflower Sisters have become over the past four years.

2 bffs

They crafted–their favorite part of the gatherings–cards to other friends, letting them know how special they are to them.

2 crafting

We finished up with a group brithday party. What fun!

2 bday party

What a blessing we have in our Sonflower Sisters BFF’s.

Sonflower Sisters: Trust

Last month our Sonflower Sisters group took us on a journey of trust.

watching vulture

We had to trust Ms. Melanie wouldn’t let the big vulture out of the cage, first. TeeHee.


We practiced trusting one another on hikes through the woods. Yes, the girls did blindfold and lead me. And no, I didn’t peek!

blindfold game

We trusted the rain wouldn’t ruin our swimming session.

pool and bay

And, biggest of all, Breanna trusted me that swimming in big pools is fun. What a breakthrough!

brea swimming

I love when we learn new things from our Sisters.

Sonflower Sisters of All Sizes

Our Sonflower Sisters group has always been a comfy place for the older girls.


But now it’s become a welcoming place for our very youngest. My three year old Breanna chimed right in on the Mean Girlz discussion, telling about how her older brothers and sisters wouldn’t let her on her own swing set.


Look at that face, so excited to be grown up!

Sonflower Sisters: Blankies of Love


Last month’s Sonflower Sisters’ theme (from Secret Keeper Girls’ The Gift of True Friendship) was Loving Your Neighbor.


We made blankets for Project Linus.


Afterward, we headed outside to enjoy the warm day.


Breanna enjoyed herself on the playset


while we moms chatted on the deck.


What a fun time we had learning to serve our neighbors.

Decorative Scripture Memory Verse Pad Tutorial

Our Sonflower Sisters group is making our own Scripture memory verse “pads” from $1 chipboard packs from Michael’s Craft Store. Here’s a short tutorial even children can follow.

Trace the chipboard flower on the back side of decorative paper.


Cut out the paper flower.


Glue the flower to the chipboard.


Trace a cup to draw a circle to fit onto your flower.


Cut out the circle and glue it on your flower.


Write your Scripture Memory Verse on the circle. (This is a photo of Brooke working on her own, which is on different paper from her sister’s.)


Voila! A beautiful, sturdy Scripture Memory Verse pad.


Pretty Way to Post Memory Verses

In Sonflower Sisters, we are memorizing 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 this year. Yes, the entire chapter. I was trying to find a fun, girly way to go about keeping the verses close, and came up with these cute flower (get it, sunflower?) chipboard pieces I covered in complementary scrapbook papers. Then I hung them on the bag Brooke keeps her Sonflower Sisters materials in.


I’ll just print out parts of the chapter on white paper and glue them right to the flower. So quick. So cheap. So cute.

You could use them for anything!

Sabbath Sweetness

Sunday we kicked off our Sonflower Sisters 2009 year with a Pajama Party. We began Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girls: The Gift of True Friendship.


We played a hair-raising game of Sixes (a new family favorite).


The girls opened these cute bags. (Brooke decorated them and Sheila made the adorable name tags.)


Inside were the fruits of my Saturday,


these adorable bags to carry their diaries in to each gathering.


Brooke opened us in prayer and led the girls in a reading of 1 Corinthians chapter 13.


The girls loved on each other by drawing and writing encouraging things on each other’s shirts.


We finished up with some yummy snacks.


And even managed to snap a rare Mom photo.


(I don’t want to post photos of the little girls without permission, but imagine 14 little pink-pj’d girls eating strawberries and playing Twister.)

I can’t wait for next month’s Gathering!

Say It Isn’t So

This little missy is determined to grow up.

Just this week she began using the potty (sorry, no photos for that!),

making her own lunch (at her request)


dressing herself


exploring new (and risky) things


sleeping in her big-girl bed (she’s under those covers on the trundle)


asking to be adding to the cooking-with-Mommy schedule


insisting on doing things on her own (sniff sniff)


and joining in Sonflower Sisters.


What is it about your “baby” (youngest) growing up that is so bittersweet? I’m already looking forward to holding grandbabies.