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It Was Just Too Clean!

The White House, that is. Recently we toured the rooms shown here. Because we weren’t permitted to take in cameras (or strollers or purses, for that matter), I couldn’t snap any photos. It was really very pretty, but too clean in my opinion. Sanitized, really. Don’t you think a few fingerprints from heads of state over the decades would add a little character? Maybe a few coins rummaged out of couch cushions. Something that tells the story of the famous, powerful world leaders and heroes who have graced the house.

After our tour, my hubby headed to the office and I took the children

to the Washington Monument for a tour.

WOW! It was awesome to ride up to the tippy top of this structure and peek out.

This is what we saw from one of the windows.

(See the Lincoln Memorial at top, the reflecting pool, and the circular WW2 Memorial in the foreground.

We even got a peek at the White House from way up there.

(Look just above the ellipsis. It looks like a street of trees coming out of the top of it. How’s that for elemental map-interpreting skills?)

As much of an honor it was to see the inside of the White House, we really had much more fun at the monument,

the carousel,

the Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Room,

the sculpture garden fountains,

and the Air and Space Museum’s hands-on workshop. (That’s Brad in the space suit.)

We can hardly wait for our next trip to Washington, DC. We’re so grateful to live so near to this wonderful city.

Almost T-Shirts for the Almost Tea Party

Recently a few of us gathered together to make special t-shirts to wear in our local Tax Day Tea Party civil tax protest.

We made these fun fingerprint flags:


with a few stars up in the corner.


Then we left our shirts out in the rain, and had to toss them. Then it rained all Tea Party day. So we almost had t-shirts for the Tea Party we almost attended.

President Obama

Mr. Obama, I didn’t vote for you. I still wouldn’t. In fact, I vehemently disagree with you on some very serious matters. But I will pray for you, and for your family. You have no small task ahead of you. I pray you are able to find your way to the True Savior every single day you are in office, leading our nation and families. I pray for your children to know their daddy, and your wife to find her place. I pray your decisions be seasoned with wisdom that comes only from the Lord. I will pray for you daily, Mr. Obama, to my Savior, the deliverer of all people.

What DO You Do?

What do you do when your candidate loses?

You get out of bed and get on with life.

You explain to your children that God is still on His throne, and that we do not put our Trust in men. You remind them that even if our candidate had won, we still would not put our Trust in men.

You down on your knees for your country.

You go to bed and do it all again the next day.

Hmm…not too far from what you did before your candidate lost.

A Dissenter Among Us

After we left the polling place today (where they had run out of “I Voted” stickers, doggone it!), we stopped to pose for a photo with signs of our candidate of choice.


You noticed there are only three children in the photo? That’s because three year old Breanna bopped her older brother in the head with her McCain-Palin sign and ran.

Seems after Ariel (of the mermaid sort), ROCK-uh-BON-na is her first choice for President. She’s convinced he wants to visit our house to give us money. And attend her birthday party. With Ariel.


Freedom is for all.

Maybe You’ve Heard it This Way

A “swing voter” was on his way to the polls when he was mugged and left wounded in an alley.

A “liberal” man happened by on his way to a rally for the “right” presidential candidate. He did not have time to stop, but he worked the emotional story into his speech a few minutes later.

A “conservative” man happened by on his way to vote for the “right” candidate. He was in a rush to cast his ballot and then return to the office to work, something this vagrant should consider doing, he thought to himself.

An “independent” man heard groans and rushed to the wounded man’s side. He called an ambulance and stayed with the victim until family could make it to the hospital. By that time, the polls were closed.

Did the independent “waste” his vote?

(Good Samaritan)

Telling you HOW to Vote

That was the title of our sermon today. Now, our church never addresses politics. They don’t carry those voting guides, they don’t mention politics from the pulpit. Ever. So I was really, really curious.

The mantra at our church has always been: In the essentials, unity. In the non-essentials, liberty. In everything, love. (It’s a thought put into words by a 17th c. Lutheran. I can’t remember his name, sorry.)

Pastor Ben said we hold two boxes in our hands–one for the essentials; one for the non-essentials. And the only thing in the essentials box is: Jesus died on the cross to forgive us our sins and give us eternal life with God. Period. Nothing else. Absolutely every other thing, no matter how big, goes into the other box. Everything. Period.

He asked us to shout out our biggest concern in the election, and there was a cacophony of noise: abortion, economics, marriage, etc. Then he asked us to shout out the name at whom every knee will bow, even Barack Obama and John McCain. We confessed a crystal clear: Jesus.

Ben said, “The question isn’t ‘Who’s Right?’ but ‘What box does this issue go in?'” Ouch! Really, what box have you put your concerns in? What have you added to the essentials box that doesn’t belong there?

If you’d like to hear Ben’s message you can listen online or download the mp3 file here. It’s worth the time.

If you’d like to read more truth about God and politics, visit Heather.

On Tuesday, vote with your heart, your head and your hands in full submission only to the Lord.

Toddler Economics

It’s like this:

Brooke and Brad make a wager–whoever rakes the most leaves wins a trip to the movies. They agree to rake our yard and the neighbors’ yards; but Brad slips off to the huge post office grounds and nabs all those leaves, too, and inevitably wins.

Brooke cries injustice. Of course I’d step in and make things right, she pleads. Only, I tell her I’m not the one to make the call–all the neighborhood children will. Half the kids back Brad because he’s a cool kid; he bribes the other half with the promise of candy from the theater.

That’s how I explained the feel-good Obamercial. Come one, the only way Barack Obama could afford last night’s television spot is because he went back on his word to not accept private funding.

And another story…

Brooke gets up early and works ten hard hours to earn $100 to spend in New York this December. Brad sleeps in and puts in only and hour, earning a measley $10. I decide it’s not fair that Brooke has so much more to spend, so I make her share her $100 with no recompense from Brad.

A little voice from the crib:

ROCK-uh-BON-nah took Brookie’s money!

Holy cow, the kid gets it! I never even mentioned Barack Obama’s name in that second story. Even a two year old can see what’s happening.

Vote on November 4. Vote wisely.