Mothers and Daughters

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Sonflower Sisters, the first ministry of As We Walk, was formed in March 2006. My hope is that mothers hear the call of God in their lives to draw closer to Him through discipling their daughters. Email me at AsWeWalk (at) comcast (dot) net if you would like a sample chapter of either curriculum.

Blessed to be a blessing to you and your daughter,



When my oldest daughter was five years old, I sensed it was time to begin discipling her in the ways of Christ and to lead her in worshipping the Lord in a uniquely feminine way. I invited a dozen friends and their elementary-aged daughters to join me on the journey, and together we birthed Sonflower Sisters in March 2005.


Make no mistake—the focus of Sonflower Sisters is the time Mother actively disciples Daughter one-on-one. But there are incredible benefits from inviting others to share the journey with you:

Girls develop friendships with other girls of like mind.

Mothers find comfort in tackling the challenges of raising daughters to love God in this world alongside others with the same heart and experiences.

Everyone shares the teaching and benefits from others’ creativity, which frees up the leader to concentrate on her relationship with her own daughter.

(Sonflower Sisters is easy to use outside of the context of a group.)


I searched for a curriculum we could use, but wasn’t very successful. I found most were written for older girls, and many were for the daughters to use in groups without the mothers. So I began writing our curriculum. I have written two sets thus far.

My aim is to encourage mothers to disciple their daughters in the way they are to go, so when they are old they will not depart from it—which means I write the lessons to the mothers and provide helps for them to pass them along to their daughters. The result is each family learns what God has for them specifically.


Decorating Your Daughter’s Interior

A girl’s bedroom is her very own little corner of the universe—a place she can find direction and strength for living in the outside world. Teach her who she is in the Lord and what He has in store for her by taking a symbolic and physical trip through her bedroom; create craft reminders of each lesson to decorate her bedroom to keep the lessons fresh in her heart and mind.

Sample Chapter Titles:

The Floor, Her Attention: Hearing God’s Voice

The Window, Her Witness: Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness

The Walls, Her Vision: Recognizing God’s Plan

The Mirror, Her Perception: Seeing What God Sees

Each lesson includes:

·          Theme teaching and creative teaching ideas

·          “Mom Minutes” devotional

·          Scripture memory verse

·          Hostess tips, group teaching and crafting ideas


Recipes for Life

God has a recipe for your life. He mysteriously mixes together all kinds of ingredients in our lives to create a wonderful dish—a woman after God’s own heart. Learn about what He uses and what He might be creating in you and your daughter. Create an heirloom recipe book together to reinforce the lessons you’re learning.

Plan your time together using the Four C’s for each lesson:

Curriculum/cookbook (add a recipe to your cookbook)

Cup of Tea (set aside a few minutes for a girls’ chat)

Cooking together (cook one family meal together)

Culmination (celebrate the completion of each lesson or attend group gathering)

Sample Chapter Titles:

Family Favorites

New and Exciting

Just for Company

From a Friend

Each lesson includes:

·          Theme teaching and cookbook inspirations

·          “Mom Minutes” devotional and prayer

·          Tea Time discussion starters

·          Scripture memory verse

·          Hostess tips, teaching helps, group cooking and crafting ideas


All As We Walk, Sonflower Sisters, Decorating Your Daughter’s Interior, and Recipes for life copyright 2008 Deborah Lembach.

Feel free to pass along this link. Please do not copy any materials without permission.


22 responses to “Mothers and Daughters

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  4. Would you mind sending me a sample copy of the “Decorating” curriculum? I am a mother to 4 daughters and this seems like a great idea for the direction we are heading this year.

    Thank you!

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  7. how much do each of your curriculums cost? or is there a link i’m overlooking? thanks.

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  10. I was searching your website to find how to purchase a copy. A friend and I have been looking for material specifically for Mother and Daughter. I’m very interested in checking this out. Brenda

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  12. Molly told me about your website. Would you contact me about your Bible study for Mothers and Daughters?

  13. Angela Frampton

    I would be interested in your Mother Daughter devotional, could you send a sample and info on how to purchase. I need to both start a one on one study with my 10 yo and we are also redoing a room for her that was previously occupied by her rebellious older sister.

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  15. I’d like to look at decorating as possible small group material for moms and daughters at church

  16. Please let me know how I can see a sample curriculum of your mother-daughter study. Also, is it available for purchase in a complete form?

  17. Could you please send me a copy of your mother/daughter curriculum. I’m interested in purchasing it. Thanks! What ages is it appropriate for?

  18. henryteachers

    I am interested in your curriculum after reading about it here after followiing a link from Melissa at A Familiar Path. Is there a link to see it or purchase it?
    What a wonderful idea to do with your girls.

  19. Mom-
    I LOVE sonflower sisters!!!

  20. Sarah Dickison

    I just wrote a plea to my online homeschool group looking for someway to correct what I have taught my daughter. I recently began to notice she is quick to anger, yelling, bossy, & impatient (all of my best attributes). Seeing my worst in her really tore my heart because I know it was my example that set her on that path. Only 8, I feel like I have a little time to turn things around. Thank you for offering help to moms like me.

  21. Sarah,
    Have you seen the online curriculum, Hearts Drawn Close at I think it would be the perfect starting place for you and your daughter. Blessings to you, Deb

  22. Marcy Mitchel

    I am looking for a bible study specifically for moms and daughters so that we can strengthen our love for God together and learn more about what His word says and how His word tells us to live. Is there a hard copy of your curriculum? Can I use it for me and my daughters only? I would like to do Bible Study Fellowship with my girls so that we can discuss what we learned together, but it is not offered in the summer. Since I am a teacher, I would like to start it in the summer and then continue it throughout the year. I am telling you this so that you will have a basis of what I am looking for. Do you think your curriculum would work for my family?

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