Those of You With “Standards”

might be offended by this post.

Our family loves a rip-roarin’ good time,

which often involves loud noises,

crazy acrobatics,

and all around crazy love.

So if you wander by and hear our house rumbling, put on your crazy shoes and stop on in!

We’ll help you join right in ūüôā

Ye Annual Gingerbread House

Every year we buy a gingerbread house kit from Costco. They’re awesome!

This year’s kit came with two buildings. So we have a Girls’ house and a Boys’ house.

Dare I say whose house I liked most? TeeHee.

Regardless, we all had a fantastic time licking our fingers ūüôā

Thawing out

There are a dozen word pictures I could use to describe this last year of my life;¬†I’m going to stick with¬†Frozen.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, because some folks in my life might not understand fully if I let it all out. But I do want to say that 2010¬†has been a long, hard, wintry season .¬†It has been painful. Even¬†debilitating.

In January, I was warm. By November, I was frozen. 

Tonight, I  dripped.

I even puddled.

I’m re-learning how:

To be

To have fun

To move about in our own family rhythms

I cannot remember when last I was this free in laughter and love.

I have to remember I’m not completely thawed. That will take time.¬† And willingness to surrender. But what reward it will bring.

This winter, I will follow the sun and drink in its freedom.

I Took the Plunge

If you know me in real life, you know my favorite color is aqua. I’ve always wanted to have an aqua-colored Christmas, but it just seemed too tacky. Not to mention all my Christmas decorations are red and green.

I’ve been freed!

This year all the magazines and design blogs are showing aqua and white Christmas decor. So I took the plunge. I got some gorgeous Martha Stewart aqua-colored glitter, and some styrofoam ball and trees, and I went plum crazy. It’s stinking cute, I must say. Here’s a little preview:

I have to admit I’m a little nervous about having some folks over this season.¬†Will they think I’ve lost my marbles? Or that I’m just terribly tacky? Oh well, sometimes you just gotta let your heart sing the song it was made to sing–off key or not.

Birthday Boy!

Happy 7th Birthday to my littlest dude!

He made these awesome Lego place markers for his birthday dinner.

And he chose these totally cool candles for his cake.

He’s my favorite 7 year old son!!

Perfect Start to Advent

Our favorite theater, Sight and Sound, in Lancaster, PA offered FREE tickets for their current show, Miracle of Christmas!


A friend told us the tree inside was beautiful, but who knew it was this glorious?

The children saved their money to buy extra-soft, inexpensive, yummy-smelling (just like the candied almonds they sell in the lobby) stuffed animals.

I snuck this shot in of the show. I hope it was okay to do that–they just asked for no flash photography. Anyhoo, I want to show you who have never been what to expect. They put on fantastic three sided theater!

Of all the fun we had that day (lunch and dinner out, meeting up with friends, buying treasures, eating candied almonds, etc.), our favorite part was having Aunt Dot join us on our field trip.

Hoping your family enjoys the upcoming Advent Season, the season we await His arrival!

I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve begun working on some very special hand-made Christmas gifts.¬†I can’t tell you what, because you might be getting one. So cross your fingers or say a little prayer, and you might find one headed your way.

A Homespun Thanksgiving

We were blessed to host my family for Thanksgiving this year. The kids were so excited to decorate.

Somehow safety goggles made their way into preparations.

They decorated the dinner table with handprint turkeys

and wrote special questions under each person’s plate.

They made a huge banner for the Welcoming Wall.

Of course we had to add in some fresh flowers. It’s not a dinner without fresh flowers.

My children poured their hearts and souls into creating a warm home for family and friends. I am thankful for their huge hearts.