We are an eclectic home school family who use mainly the KONOS curriculum. We supplement with American Dream Reading, Explode the Code, Math-U-See, and various other independent books and materials.

Our typical yearly schedule:

Fall–One complete KONOS unit 

December–Christmas unit study

January–Misc. child-interest-based unit

Spring–One complete KONOS unit

Winter/Early Spring 2009: Trust

  • Deception/Illusion
  • Sheep/Weaving
  • Floating/Ships
  • Flight/Airplanes

Late Spring 2009: Patience

  • Plant Growth/Gardening

Summer–Misc. child-interest-based unit(s)

We love to school with others in our area. We belong to an association with which we publish a child-written magazine, perform in talent shows, network with other relaxed home schoolers, and host art shows. We also have a few families we like to get together with on a regular basis–to craft with, hike with, and play with.

We live on a river that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay and love the ducks in our front yard, the geese flying overhead, and the herons that like to sun on the pier out back. We also have several active robins’ nests in our deck every year. We have plenty of science class right out back.

We hope you enjoy a peek into our home school home life.

6 responses to “Schooling

  1. Lorena Schmidt

    Hi Deb,
    I found your web site address in the Konos yahoo group. I live in Canada in Saskatchewan province in a town called Lanigan and I am just starting to unschool (or relaxed homeschool, as you call it )with Konos and my children are Abby, she is almost 6 and Samuel, he is almost 4. I live in an area where nobody homeschools and I am a little lonely…I would love to know how did you start Konos, I am very excited about the program and I would like to know your yearly plan above is for what age? I would look to keep in touch and support each other!
    Lorena Schmidt

  2. Francie Correlli

    Hey there- I hope this is coming to you directly. We go to mountain and my daughter tells me every time she sees yours that they talk about homeschooling. It makes her feel less alone to know she is enjoying it. I would love to hear from you. I have 3 girls. One 9, 6 and 20 months. We just started homeschooling this year. Amanda went to Mountain for 2 years. Then when Hailey started we had just had Tessa and couldn’t afford to send both to MCS. So off to Abingdon they went. It wasn’t a great experience for Amanda. I am loving Homeshooling but would love to have more connections. Let me know if you have time.

  3. Lorena Schmidt

    Hi Francie,
    I am sorry, I didn’t quite understand your e-mail. Where do you live? In Canada? or where? What is mountain? When does your daughther sees mine?
    If you live in Saskatchewan province and close to Saskatoon city, yes, I would love to hear from you and meet your family. Was this message sent for me? I hope there is not a missunderstanding.

    If not, I would love to hear from you!


  4. Lorena, I believe she was writing to me directly. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Lorena Schmidt

    Deb??? Hi,
    I would love to keep in tocuh with you, wehre do you live again?

  6. Hi! I checked out your site after you posted a comment on my blog. I absolutely love your site and can’t wait to look at it some more when I get some time. My cousin is Joy F. and she had told me about Sonflower Sisters, so I became a fan on the FB page. I love what you are doing with the girls!!!! God Bless!

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