A Window to My World

It was 11pm and everyone was nestled all snug in their beds…except me. I was up watching the Republican National Convention (caught the Democratic one while on vacation) and got the silly notion to begin decorating my window. So I dragged out the panes and the trimmings and began what I knew would be a great undertaking.

See, I’ve been on the hunt for a window to decorate for over a year, since I saw my friend Kathy’s in her kitchen. I wish I had a photo of it–it’s gorgeous. I dragged Kathy to our local architectural salvage place and began hunting. Only, I realized something–I don’t like old things. I don’t like scratchy, dirty things I’ll have to clean or refinish.

I finally found an old window in decent shape at a little old hardware store in the heart of town, where an 85 year old woman was moving storm doors all around while her husband ate lunch and stared blankly past us. I wonder about their story. Then I came home, shelved it for a few weeks, and finally painted it on Labor Day. How fitting. I have never done anything like this. I’ve seen women’s tassles and amazing paper garlands and have been secretly jealous. So I’m really proud of myself for stepping out to tackle this.

Here is the finished product. I have just the spot for it on my living room wall.

6 responses to “A Window to My World

  1. Wonderful–looks like it worked out well.

  2. oh my goodness that is such a great idea. i love it. I have several old windows around my house, that were left in the attic when the windows were changed..anyway, i did one with glass beads to make faux stained glass, but the others have been needing a purpose. I am inspired. It looks great!

  3. How fun! I just fished three old wood windows out of the trash at our church (we are in the middle of a remodel) a couple of weeks ago and have some projects planned, don’t know when I will get them done though! I will be sure to post pictures whenever I do.

  4. Oh WOW.


    I’m SO going to look for a window… What a wonderful way to create and decorate at the same time!! It turned out beautiful, good for you!!

  5. Deb, that is *so* you!! Can’t wait to see it IRL!

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