A la Arte Carnival

Our co-op put on a fantastic Art Carnival recently.

The kids submitted pieces for the gallery ahead of time. I loved the photographs they selected.


The boys took a wonderful class on color and composition with a docent from the Baltimore Museum of Art. Brad thoroughly enjoyed it, answering and asking many of his own questions.


Brooke took a class with another docent and burned her own slate of wood.


Brian really enjoyed shaping a polka-dotted dog out of Crayola Model Magic.


Brad contentedly wandered the stations, paying special attention to each one. Here he is imitating the use of pattern and color, much-used by Henri Matisse.


Breanna found her niche with fingerpaints. She’d never used them before ~blush~ but fell in love with them immediately.


I hear there’s a Science Carnival coming up…

3 responses to “A la Arte Carnival

  1. My mom is an artist, my aunt is an artist.. my sister is an artist. I grew up in the middle of art EVERYWHERE, so this post made me smile. 🙂

  2. Those are wonderful pics and what a great thing for a co-op to do. I want to get Tink into a photography class next year. This year we have benchmark testing and its all about the 3 R’s sigh.

  3. Oh, how fun! I’m taking photography for the first time myself. 🙂

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