We’re Tuckers and Hiders

We’re a pretty relaxed family. We try to keep things pretty tidy so we don’t feel overwhelmed by clutter. We like our “schtuff” to be hidden neatly behind doors and in drawers.

We recently began recycling and found this great rolling wire-basket contraption at Ikea for less than $20! It’s perfect for sorting and collecting all the things we’re sending off (instead of throwing away).

However, we didn’t like the cluttered look. I spent Saturday recycling an old table runner into a cover for the bin.

Isn’t it adorable? A few stitches and some hot glue went a long way here. Now we can recycle and maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

This is our first contribution to the recycling center:

5 responses to “We’re Tuckers and Hiders

  1. Love your creative curtain! We have these wire basket storage racks for extra space inside my girls closets – they are great for the off-season things. We recently made a trip to Ikea to find a solution to our recycling also – this was our solution – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=sortera+boxes – but we ended up putting it right outside the door in the garage because the recycling starts to take over our space.

  2. Like your solution, too, Heather. Are you getting a composter from Ikea next weekend?

  3. A composter? I wasn’t planning on it??? 🙂

  4. Mom-
    i like Recycling!
    But.. i don’t know about Composting. (YUCK!)
    i love u! love,

  5. Mom-
    I love you!
    Can you PLEASE take out the composting for me!(Teeheehee!)

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