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The Dolphins at the Aquarium

We love crossing this bridge


to get to the dolphin show.


This time we staked out great seats just behind the Splash Zone. I have a feeling some of our young’uns are going to convince us to move INTO the Splash Zone in the coming years.


We took turns with the camera, catching some pretty awesome shots.


Afterward we got up pretty close and personal. I was praying the dolphins didn’t demonstrate their tail-slapping trick. {grin}


We hope to get back at least one more time before our membership expires. After all, we still need to hit the Australian Outback exhibit.


Indian Summer Day at the Aquarium

Saturday we were planning to stuff scarecrows and carve our pumpkin, but it was almost 80 degrees. Who can stay home on that kind of Indian Summer day? We flitted off to the Inner Harbor just after lunch.

We have a membership at the National Aquarium at Baltimore (which paid for itself in two visits).


We had a great time with the frogs. Here are two of my favorite. The red one is called a Tomato Frog.



Of course we loved our trip down the three story fish tank, where the fish are so close you want to reach out and touch them.


The kids always love the bubble tubes. Do any of you remember them being filled with anchovies when we were young?


After a long day, we headed across the harbor


for lunch. What a day.


Fall Harvest Party

Wednesday we had a wonderful time at our co-op’s Fall Harvest Party.

Check out this spooky spider headband they made. Can you tell from the look on his face Bradley doesn’t like spiders?

And this candy corn votive holder.

This mask is pretty awesome, too.

We had a “ball” with popcorn.

And tossed some fun around.

Thanks, Steph, for organizing this great day!

Think! Eggs

We completed our first Think! Blog challenge on a rainy Saturday afternoon with Dad.

We had to settle and egg at least an inch above the table using 12 straws and 12 inches of tape. Everyone tackled it differently. Everyone passed!

Dad’s Solution

Brooke’s Solution

Brad’s Solution

Brian’s Solution

While they were playing, I danced around to some music and made myself a sweet-potato casserole. Yum!

It’s a Travesty!

Today I combed our local library for books for our KONOS Frontiersmen unit. There were less than a dozen! The librarian said the local public schools have stopped teaching about the Westward expansion. Can you imagine?! They teach Plymouth Rock and 2008, but not how we got to the west coast!

I also learned our librarian is required to purge books not checked out in the past two years. Next time I’m there I’m going to ask her if any good books are coming near that point and check them out just to keep them on the shelves. She said holiday books are purged after only one year if they’re not checked out.

Some of the best books in the whole entire universe are overlooked for a few years and need to be dusted off a bit. Something is wrong when we lose if we don’t use quickly. Life is not quick, it is a journey of a thousand miles and begins with one small step, one dusty book.

(Photo: My own set of childhood books covered with dust, awaiting a puff from one of my own children. They are as magical as they ever were.)

Millburn Orchards

We spent an afternoon in an apple wonderland.

We learned how the workers harvest apples with soft-bottom canvas bags that they empty into large wooden crates.

And how the apples go through the “washing machine” and down the conveyor belt through packaging and boxing.

We visited the barnyard and met plenty of peculiar creatures, including these acrobatic goats (check out that white one doing a jig on the beam),

and these hole-digging chickens. Are we looking at an escape attempt here?

We had a great hay ride through a beautiful forest.

We learned the history of apples in the U.S. from Johnny Appleseed.

We visited the pumpkin patch.

At the very end, we even got to pick an apple from a tree.

I learned so much today. But I still have one question–what’s this here fruit?

The Original Leatherman

The boys are constantly creating. Check out these multi-function tools.

Can you spot the saw, hammer, screwdriver, and drills?