The Archimedes Principle

I finally figured out how boats float! I absolutely love home schooling because we literally live, eat and breathe whatever we’re studying.

Just check out my bathtub, the center of all things sinking and floating:


Brooke wasn’t too fond of cleaning up the soggy shredded wheat, but she and the others were tickled at being able to stick whatever they wanted to test into a tub full of water.


We all worked on sketches of boats. Even me.


The children set to work building their own boats to float on the river out back.


I love that Brooke took these photos herself, anticipating this very blog post.


Despite my doubts, her maiden voyage was a success.

I’ll show more photos when we make it out to the river. This is our final week studying Ships and Floating.


2 responses to “The Archimedes Principle

  1. That’s IT. I want to go back to being a kid again!!

    Your kids are some of the most blessed kids I know. You’re an awesome mom and teacher… I have a lot of respect for you.

    Great drawings, btw!

  2. What great fun!! Immersion is marvelous!

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