Christmas Train

Chuck’s grandfather passed along his Lionel trains to Chuck’s dad, who passed them along to Chuck. He hasn’t done much with them since his father’s death, nearly 5 years ago. But this Christmas he’s beginning to pass on his love for trains to his own children.

Brad was so excited, he asked Chuck to wake him up every morning before he leaves for work so they can run them together.

Chuck’s been collecting train sets since we’ve been married. He has a set for each child. I pray one day they sit around their tree with their own children, showing them how their daddy taught them to run the trains.

3 responses to “Christmas Train

  1. hi!!! this looks like a beautiful tradition full of love and history. i hope you are having a wonderful christmas time.

  2. That is so sweet! My kids would love that! We have a miniature one that goes with our Christmas village!

  3. we love trains too, my dad is a big train person and has passed that on to us. Love your pics especially the one of the train under the tree erfect.

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